We are MiMask

MiMask was founded by a group of friends across Europe that came together to take swift action in times of crisis, and help our communities stay safe. The global Covid-19 pandemic has impacted our lives as few other events in recent history.

From the get go, a can-do attitude, speed and hard work, as well as a lot of enthusiasm have driven our founders, partners and supporters to create MiMask from scratch in these difficult times. Our goal is to provide face masks made in Europe: an essential product, compliant with the highest standards, that consumers can trust. We want to make it accessible in a direct and transparent way, cutting out the middlemen.

As founders of MiMask, we came together to build a company with principles and a clear vision:

  • We want to deliver safe and certified face masks, directly to consumers, that comply with the highest standards and norms.
  • We want to innovate, and make a traditionally boring product safe and stylish for everyday use.
  • We want to create a sustainable company that is carbon neutral from the start. We are aware of the challenges of a single use product made out of synthetic materials that is shipped a long way directly to our customers. Read our Sustainability Pledge to find out more.
  • We want to build a company based on ethical practices that is fun to work at, and improve what we do every day, for our customers and their safety.

    Those are big shoes to fill. We'll rather get back to work now to deliver on these promises.

    Stay safe,

    Ben + Boris + Cesar + Hakan + Kat

    MiMask founding team in remote style!