Our commitment to social responsibility


At MiMask we want to take an active role in helping communities in need to protect themselves against Covid-19, HIV or Ebola. Around the world there are not just people that cannot afford products like a protective mask, but also the volunteers that help these communities need our support.


Soon after launching MiMask, in August 2020 we donated 5.000 masks to St. George Hospital in Beirut following the devastating explosion that left more than 160 people dead, 5.000 injured and 300.000 homeless.


While that was the beginning, the founder team at MiMask believed that access to high quality protective products is a critical factor in our fight against illnesses caused by contagious viruses.


With this purpose, we looked at different nonprofit organisations that could partner with us long term to help identify where our support was most needed to achieve the greatest impact. We focused on organisations that had a track record of using donations and funds effectively for people in need.


As a result, we now donate a percentage of all masks sold to International Medical Corps (IMC). This international organisation delivers vital healthcare services that focus on training and help devastated populations return to self-reliance. Over the last six months we have been able to donate over 30.000 masks in 2 shipments to volunteers and communities in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Nigeria, who are experiencing high levels of infections of both Covid-19 and Ebola.


In the upcoming months we will continue our commitment to donate to IMC based on our mask sales. We'd like to thank all customers that have bought their MiMasks so far. You helped us to help communities in need.


Read our 2020 Sustainability and Social Responsibility report here.



MiMask donates to International Medical Corps