Our masks

MiMasks are made of three layers of high bacterial filtration (BFE) PP nonwoven textiles. All materials are produced by certified, high quality suppliers that have extensive experience in the manufacturing of nonwoven textiles.

The outer layer of nonwoven fabric blocks droplets and bacteria from the surroundings, the inner layer blocks the ones you exhale. The middle layer filters the air that passes through the mask with ultra-thin fibers.

Our masks are single use. After wearing them no longer than four hours, please dispose of them safely. Their purpose is to capture dust, bacteria, pollen and the like. The longer it is worn, the longer the captured items stay on a contaminated surface right in front of nose and mouth. Changing out the masks regularly is the most effective way to avoid inhaling contamination and spreading it in your close surroundings. Caution is advised when removing the mask from your face to avoid contact with the contaminated surfaces.

All of our models are sent for testing and certification to a lab authorised by the EU. Test results are published on the different pages of each type of mask.

How to use a Mimask