Made in Europe

Europe is (in)famous for its regulations, norms and rules. We turn this into our advantage. Analysing the market situation during the Covid pandemic and the regulatory landscape for face masks, we realised that a major part of the supply did not comply with EU standards.

This is wrong! Quality and safety regulations are there to protect consumers and ensure verifiable product quality and traceability. We worked hard to comply with every norm applicable. Made in Europe is a symbol of the highest quality.

All MiMask products are 100% manufactured in Europe. We source our mask materials from premier European suppliers. The non-woven fabrics of our masks come mostly from Germany, Italy, Spain or Turkey. Our sanitiser products are manufactured at an innovative lab close to Barcelona. Our packaging is sourced from suppliers in various European countries, in respect with our Climate Pledge wherever possible.

When you buy MiMask, you are automatically contributing to create a market that delivers safe quality products produced in the most environmentally responsible way possible.

MiMask is 100% made in Europe