Why a mask alone is not enough

At MiMask, we want to help the fight against Covid-19 by providing the best face masks possible. But a face mask alone is not enough to #StaySafe.

Wash your hands frequently, with sufficient fresh water and soap. It’s that straightforward.

Additionally to washing hands (and not in place of it), sanitize your hands with hydroalcoholic products that contain at least 60% Alcohol denat/Ethanol. When doing so, we recommend you chose a product that includes elements that protect and hydrate your skin, so that you don’t feel the effect of constant washing and sanitizing on the skin of your hands.

Keep social distancing. Remember, Covid-19 is an airborne infection transmitted over the air. An infected person transmits it through the air it breathes. With normal respiration, 1,5-2m of distance are needed to avoid contagion. If an infected person coughs or sneezes, that distance increases dramatically. And if the infected person doesn’t wear a mask, even more so.


Refresh your air. If you're not outdoors (like many of us in lockdown), make sure you change the air of the space you're confined in frequently.

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