Our brand new and improved surgical mask are out!

At MiMask, we're constantly improving our product, the materials we use, our production techniques and our packaging. Having worked with many material and machinery vendors in 2020, we're proud to announce our new 2021 surgical face mask type IIR!

What changed?

  • The inner and outer layers of the masks, made of Spunbond PP nonwoven, are now softer and smoother, and at the same time the splash resistance has improved. New vendors in Italy and Spain have made that possible.
  • Our earloops improved drastically, with 2 times the elasticity while still holding the mask tight to your face. A thicker, softer material will assure you won't feel the mask while wearing it. Say goodbye to the pain behind the ears after wearing a mask for hours.
  • Our filtering material that we source from a German vendor has also improved. While it is now lighter, with improved breathability, the bacterial filtration (BFE) has increased.
  • A fresh lab test from the renowned laboratory group Eurofins has certified our masks in compliance with EU standard EN14683. Our BFE is ≥99,3%, higher than the required ≥98%, and in the splash resistance test 100% of our samples passed the test.
  • The bioburden test, measuring the bacteria living on a non sterilized surface, also confirmed MiMask's great efforts to a ultra-clean production process, machine maintenance and packaging process.

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