MiMask donation helps fighting Covid in Nigeria

A few weeks back MiMask donated 26.400 face masks to the International Medical Corps, as part of our commitment to Social Responsibility. The masks have recently arrived in Nigeria, here is the feedback from the operators on the ground.

"The MiMask face masks have been very useful to help curb the spread of the COVID-19 among our staff in Nigeria, especially during the second wave of the disease, during which the average number of new cases was approximately thousand per day.

Thanks to the infection, prevention and control measures we have in place, with the support of MiMask, all staff and volunteers received sufficient face masks to protect themselves and the community where they provide services, enabling activities to continue with staff feeling safe to go into the community."

MiMask supports the International Medical Corps

These are the moments when the entire team at MiMask feels very proud to be able to contribute to supporting communities in need in their fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. We thank the International Medical Corps for enabling us to support.

MiMask supports the International Medical Corps

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