Climate Partner certifies MiMask CO2 neutrality

Climate Partner has certified MiMask's CO2 neutrality for our first year of operations. MiMask has generated 47.648 kg of CO2 as a company and product. The Climate Partner certification can be checked here:

MiMask is CO2 neutral

As offsetting project, we chose a Biomass powered brick factory project in Soacha, Colombia. This project was particularly dear to our founding team as one of us is from Colombia and knows the benefit such projects can have to drive change in communities. MiMask's contribution helps the brick factory to replace CO2-intensive coal with biomass to power their kilns.

Also in 2021 MiMask is working hard to avoid any CO2 impact, and will offset the unavoidable. Remember that with every MiMask purchase, you help us in our endeavour to make CO2 neutral face masks available globally.

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